Behavior Reflection

When you spend a few minutes to think and write about how you acted earlier, you're reflecting on your behavior. Doing this can work wonders with making you more aware of what's interfering with your learning and how you can improve your behavior and your grades.

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You're probably reading this because your behavior is getting you into trouble. Somehow, there's a disconnect between what your teachers are telling you and how you're reacting to what you hear.

Sometimes, just spending a few minutes reflecting on behavior, as well as having a little time with your teacher to talk about your thoughts, can really help make a connection in your mind between your behavior and the results of your behavior.

The attached document asks you to think about (and write about) four things:

In order for this to work, you have to approach it seriously. Don't take ten seconds and write super-short answers. Try to really think about what you're writing, and be honest.