Common Writing Errors

Eliminating these common errors from your writing will do wonders for making your writing look like it comes from an intelligent, educated person.

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The errors covered in this booklet are:

  1. Writing a lot as alot.
  2. Confusing loose and lose.
  3. Incorrect apostrophe use.
  4. Not capitalizing I, I'm, I'll, I've.
  5. Using texting abbreviations in writing.
  6. Confusing you're and your.
  7. Confusing there, their, and they're.
  8. Writing non-words such as gotta, gonna, girlz, etc.
  9. Run-on sentences. (Also see this Brainsheet on sentences.)
  10. Writing should of, etc., instead of should have.
  11. Confusing where and were.
  12. Writing sentence fragments.
  13. Confusing present and past tense verbs.
  14. Confusing it's and its.